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  • Publication in BOE (Official State Bulletin) 
  • Regulations for doctoral studies
  • New amended report (july 27, 2019)
  • Teaching modality: compulsory training activities are taught in a non-face-to-face way, so the doctorate can be done remotely. The determining factor is to maintain regular contact with the assigned tutor and director during the thesis preparation process through the technical means available.



The Unit responsible for the administrative management of doctoral students' files is the Doctoral School (EDUA), as well as matters related to enrollment, receipts, UACloud, etc. For any questions, contact the EDUA.

Coordinator: Doctor Professor Mª Flores Vizcaya Moreno

Academic Commission of the Doctoral in Health Sciencies

- Constitution date: November 14, 2013 (last update: May 13, 2021)

- Members: Mª Flores Vizcaya Moreno (Coordinatora of Doctorade-President), José Antonio Hurtado Sánchez, Míriam Sánchez San Segundo, Mª del Carmen Solano Ruiz , José Verdú Soriano, Rosario Isabel Ferrer Cascales, Juan Mora Pastor, José Luis Girela López, Elena Mª Ronda Pérez, Daniel Ruiz Fernández (secretary), Mª Mercedes Rizo Baeza y Mª José Gómez Torres.

- ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/21 - Calendar of specific training activities of PD in Health Sciences 


  • ¿How to finance a research project?
    • Day: Thursday, December 10, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Modality: online, through the virtual classroom of the UACloud Dual Teaching application
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    • Mandatory activity, so the registration form is not enabled 
    • Valuation survey




  • 1st optional activity: What is the use of being a doctor?. Seminar given by Professor Mª Flores Vizcaya Moreno, belonging to the Nursing department of the University of Alicante.
  • 2nd optional activity: Heuristic, documentary organization and files relevants to the history of nursing.
  • 3rd optional activity: Qualitative analysis cualitativo of information with a computer. Seminar given by professor José Luis Medina Moya (professor at the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Barcelona).
  • 4th optional activity: Systematic reviews of the scientific literature and meta-analysis:
    • Dates and hours: March 2 (from 10 to 13:30), 3 (from10 to 13:30) and 4 (from 10 to 13) 2021
    • Place: On-line Seminar
    • Seminar given by D. Julio Sánchez Meca, professor of the behavioral sciences methodology area, department of basic psychology and methodology of the University of Murcia.
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  • 5th optional activity: Quantitative analysis of information through SPSS.
    • Dates and hours: April 26 (from 16 to 19:30), 27 (from 16 to 19:30) and 28 (from 16 to 19) 2021
    • Place: On-line Seminar
    • Seminar given by professor Pamela E. Pereyra Zamora, belonging to the Department of Community Nursing, Preventive Medicine and Public Health and History of Science of the University of Alicante.
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  • 6th optional activity: Qualitative research in public health: approaches for analysis and practical application. Seminar given by Erica Briones Vozmediano, professor and postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the University of Lérida.
  • 7th optional activity : How to write scientific articles. Seminar given by Professor Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla, Principal Investigator of the Health and Psychology Group of the BioCruces Health Research Institute. Cruces University Hospital-IKERBASQUE. Basque Foundation for Science, Barakaldo. Bizkaia, Spain.
    • Dates and hours: June 10 (from 15:30 to 20:30) and 11(from 9:00 to 14:00) 2021.
    • Place: Hall of degrees of the Faculty of Health Sciences
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Program verified by ANECA, resolution of the General Directorate of University Policy of October 5, 2009

Published in BOE numb. 47 of Febreruay 24, 2011

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