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Information about Practicum Nursing Graduate

Students who want to perform practicum courses of the Nursing Degree must complete the Online app Form of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Dates: from 1st July to 7th September. For any questions, contact the professor coordinator of the Faculty Mobility: Estela González Rodríguez (

Each Practicum course consists of 6 ECTS and has a total duration of 18/19 days approximately (150 hours).

STAY (periods and courses)

Academic year 2020-21

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are not able to accept exchanges during the fall semester of 2020 (September to December 2020) for the PRACTICUM subjects of the Nursing Degree program.

Nominations for the spring semester (January to June 2021) are due July 1st, 2020

Periods (to choose) (18 ECTS. 450 hours):
from January 21, 2021 to April 23, 2021
from March 15, 2021 to June 15, 2021

27015 Practicum II Community Nursing II (primary care practices in health center)
27028 Practicum IX Adult Nursing Care II (internships at Hospital in medical / surgical units)
27039 Practicum X Nursing Care in Specialized Units I (practices in special units such as Operating Theater, Emergency, ICU ...)


Students will do their practices in Primary Care Centers and Hospitals.

Placement: Pending management




1. Once the student has been assigned a hospital/community center, the student has to contact the responsible person at the hospital/community center and ask about the type of work uniform accepted. In general, the student is recommended to bring their own uniform (gown and footwear).

2. Invoice paid of the Insurance of internship. (The paper work can be found at the UA CLOUD platform. For more information, please, ask the international mobility office at

Documentation, email the Hospital:

a. The criminal records (generally provided by your country's Police Department). When this report is not written in English, your mobility coordinator must issue a certification indicating that the student is a good candidate and that he/she does not have any records in the "Criminal records report". See "certification model" here.

b. Vaccination record and recent MRSA analysis. Most of the clinical locations generally work with the Preventive Medicine Departments that control each person who works there. It is recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus and hepatitis B.

c. Intership agreement for each of the courses (download from app Practicum ->Mi tutor y centro asignado -> Acuerdo de Prácticas). These documents must be given to the Hospital responsible for her/his signature the first day.

d. Print Confidenciality agreement (fill in, sign and give it to the responsible person at Hospital the first day).

e. Print this attendance Control (for the daily tutor signature at hospital).

f. Pick up the identity card at the Faculty of Health Scinces during an anterview that must take place before beginning of the first placement (make an appointment with the mobility coordinator Estela Gonzalez Rodriguez at Invoice paid of the Insurance of internship must be presented to her at the Faculty.


Accommodation: (Facebook Erasmus in Denia) - (Searcher)

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