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PhD Committee


Presidente: Hurtado Sánchez, José Antonio

Secretaria: Sánchez San Segundo, Miriam

Coordinador: Richart Martínez, Miguel

Vocales: Vives Cases, Carmen; Solano Ruiz, Mª Carmen; Mora Pastor, Juan; Ronda Pérez, Elena; Ferrer Cascales, Rosario I.; Vizcaya Moreno, Mª Flores; Ruiz Fernández, Daniel; Verdú Soriano, José; Gómez Torres, Mª José; Rizo Baeza, Mercedes.

The functions of the PhD Committee are:

a) to set the requirements and additional criteria for the selection and admission of students to a doctoral programme and to allocate places consequently. 

b) to appoint a tutor and a thesis director for PhD students, as well as change them according to the provisions of these regulations.

c) to authorise extensions to doctoral studies as per this regulation.

d) to annually evaluate PhD students' research plan and activities document, as well as the reports drafted by their tutor and director. 

e) to propose the memberts of PhD juries and to authorise their defence.

f) to authorise any necessary measures to protect the privacy of PhD works under exceptional circumstances related with knowledge protection or transfer, such as allowing companies to participate in the programme, signing confidentiality agreements with companies, and requesting patents on the content of the PhD work.

g) to authorise PhD students to stay and work abroad in order to obtain the International PhD Mention

h) to appoint as many internal subcommittees as necessary for the performance of its activities.


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    Faculty of Health Sciences

    Universidad de Alicante
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    03690 San Vicente del Raspeig
    Alicante (Spain)

    Tel: (+34) 96 590 3512



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