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Research Committee


Members: Jose Antonio Hurtado Sánchez, Victoria Eugenia Maneu Flores, Jose Ramón Martínez Riera, Mª Teresa Ruiz Cantero, Miguel Richart Martínez, Rosario I. Ferrer Cascales, Andreu Nolasco Bonmatí, Josep Bernabeu Mestre, José Siles González, Mercedes Rizo Baeza, Abilio Reig Ferrer, Carlos Álvarez-Dardet Díaz, Javier Martínez Hernández.


  • Reporting: to analyse research in the Faculty, and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. To draft the document to be used as a basis for the strategic plan for Healthcare Science Research, which will be developed jointly by all the departments teaching at teh Faculty. 
  • Using the already available financial resources, to set up a committee-dependent support unit for master's students. The aim of siad unit will be to support all lecturers in the Centre, and to become a sotrt of virtual office offering:
    • Documentation, bibliographic searches and document recovery
    • Data analysis
    • Research grant application counseling 
    • Advice on how to write scientific articles in Spanish and English and how to choose where to publish them 
  • The aim of this service is to contribute to each lecturer's resarch objectives so they can always apply for national R&D projects annd publish one article each year that is eligible for six-year research activity recognition.  
  • Proposing a research lifelong education programme


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