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Complaints, suggestions and claims


This is a space where the users of the Faculty of Health Sciences can make suggestions to improve the daily work at our faculty, as well as file any complaints or claims if they consider that any of the commitments associated to our service have not been fulfilled. 


This complaints, suggestions and claims section is open to all students, administration & service staff and academic & research staff. 

Term for presentation of complaints, suggestions and claims

Permanently open

How to file my complaints, suggestions and claims

You just have to fill out our form. Please choose your profile:

I HAVE a Virtual Campus profile (Academic & Research Staff, Administration & Service Staff, Student)


I DO NOT HAVE a Virtual Campus profile (non-UA staff)


Heads of proceedings
  • Faculty's Governing Board
  • Faculty's Quality Coordinator 
  • Faculty's Quality Assurance Committee 
  • Heads of the Services/Departments involved

Once a complaint, suggestion or claim is received, the Faculty's staff in charge of this section decide if it will be admitted, according to the Faculty's and the UA's internal regulations: 

  • If it is not admitted, a notification and explanation of why it has been rejected will be sent to the claimer.
  • If it is admitted, it will be sent to the corresponding body so that an analysis, solution and response process can be carried out as follows: 
  1. The person in charge at the Faculty will report the complaint, suggestion or claim to the service, committee or department involved, unless it is the Faculty's Governing Board. Then, said committee, service or department will:  

Analyse the complaint, suggestion or claim and any information deemed important in connection to it, so as to reach the conclusions allowing to deal with it appropriately. 

The conclusions reached in the analysis process will be written down in a follow-up report (F02-PA04).

The person concerned and the Faculty will receive a notification on the result of the proceeding within 15 working days from the date when the complaint or suggestion was filed. Claims will be dealt to within the deadlines established in the ongoing regulations. 

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